Cartografías para navegantes de tierra, Michel Rein Gallery

April 5 – May 24, 2014 CARTOGRAFÍAS PARA NAVEGANTES DE TIERRA Hoist the sails Enrique Ramírez’ work lies in the gap where fiction and reality mutually enrich each other. Through metaphorical means, the artist questions our world and its migratory flows. His various approaches verge on ethnography and sociology. Fuelled by his findings of accounts of identity, cultural divisions, the conception of death, he produces films and installations within a poetic atmosphere. The artist speaks to us of historical events, navigates from mythology to daily events, and opts for the fictional tale, therefore transforming the assumption of a sociological study. The works on display at the exhibition Cartographies pour marins sur terre (Cartographies for sailors on land) by Enrique Ramírez result from his approaches and his explorations. As would a cartographer, the artist demonstrates on different supports a space; the sea. This space, held as real, is treated as a metaphor here. Effectively, further to […]


Océan in Centex, Valparaiso, Chile.

6 of March to 31 May Centex EXPOSICIONES ET MIGRANDI, Los que migran de Fernando Godoy, Rodrigo Ríos y Felipe Araya Instalación Temática Miradas de Iberoamérica Resultado del concurso fotográfico de Iber-Rutas Océano de Enrique Ramírez Artes Visuales Horizon de Enrique Ramírez Instalación  visual The Sweet Promise de Claudia del Fierro Video Arte La Pietà de Carlos Trilnick Instalación Audiovisual Repertoire /Álbum de una historia de Rodrigo Gómez- Rovira fotografías en El Gran Vidrio Pensamiento Ocular


Cartographies for Land Sailors and Crossing a Wall in Oslo Screen Festival

Oslo Screen Festival is glad to present a guest program with video art from Chile curated by Daniela Arriado on March 8th! This program presents three video artists from Chile, which work reflects and displays contemporary distopias, the current issue of mobility and migration in relation to identity, and also to stories of a political past. PROGRAM: Cartographies for Land Sailors by Enrique Ramirez, Crossing a Wall by Enrique Ramirez, Victoria Allende cleans the Chilean People by Camilo Yáñez, Black Balloons in the Horizon by Gonzalo Cueto.

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Enrique Ramírez lauréat du Prix Découverte des Amis du Palais de Tokyo 2013

        Bernard Chenebault, Président de l’Association des Amis du Palais de Tokyo, Françoise Darmon et Bruno Ribeyron-Montmartin, co-Présidents du Prix Découverte des Amis du Palais de Tokyo, et les Amis du Palais de Tokyo, ont élu Enrique Ramirez, lauréat de l’édition 2013. Ses installations, ses films et ses photographies évoquent, de manière poétique, l’Histoire, les relations entre les continents et les réalités sociales contemporaines. Il montre de vastes paysages, territoires ouverts à la vision et à la déambulation, et parle de l’imaginaire subjectif et de la discontinuité de la mémoire. Son travail a été présenté à la galerie Die Ecke à Santiago du Chili, à Jeune création à Paris, au Musée des Beaux- Arts de Dunkerque. Né en 1979 à Santiago du Chili, Enrique Ramírez a reçu, en 2009, le diplôme du Fresnoy avec les félicitations du jury. Il vit et travaille à Paris. Le lauréat bénéficiera […]


Brises at Magic Block – Contemporary Art from Chile in Stiftelsen 3,14 / Norway

Magic Block – Contemporary Art from Chile /Stiftelsen 3,14 / Norway Catalina Bauer / Gonzalo Díaz / Juan Downey / Voluspa Jarpa / Rainer Krause / Michelle-Marie Letelier / Claudia Missana / Enrique Ramírez / Eugenio Téllez / Sandra Vásquez de la Horra  Curated by Soledad García and Brandon LaBelle 17.01.-02.03.14 18.01.14 Seminar. Program to be announced Relations between the visible and the invisible operate as an underlying question and theme within artistic production. As Merleau-Ponty suggests, often the drive of art is to make visible what is often unseen, overlooked or under-appreciated. Such fundamental views though find additional expression in strategies of secrecy, camouflage, dematerialization and covert occupation, reminding of the tensions inherent to visibility. At times when the freedoms of expression central to artistic work come into conflict with prevailing ideologies, invisibility may become a question of survival. By the same token, in the case of Magic Block, we […]


Océan in Dieecke Gallery / Chile

4 octubre – 9 noviembre 2013 José Manuel Infante 1208, Providencia, Santiago, Chile. OCEÁNO 33°02’47”S / 51°04’00”N Es una exposición que contextualiza la travesía realizada por el artista a bordo del Pacific Breeze, un barco porta contenedores de la empresa Seatrade, en el que filmó un plano secuencia sin cortes que registra todo el viaje desde el puerto de Valparaíso, Chile, desde donde zarpó el 14 de marzo 2013, hasta el puerto de Dunkerque, Francia, dando como resultado una película que dura más de tres semanas. En galería Die Ecke, Enrique Ramírez presenta una bitácora de viaje audiovisual, que indaga sobre la poética de las imágenes y la incertidumbre de este viaje por el mar, contextualizando, poética y críticamente, la travesía realizada a través de una serie de vídeos, fotografías, textos y sonidos, invitando al espectador a viajar y ofreciendo una gran variedad de paisajes de los cuales emerge, con […]

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Océan in autonomía 11 media arts biennale / Chile

03 oct / 16 nov 2013 The biennial is since then as a systematic space that accommodates these new expressions of contemporary visual arts, where it was attended by about 3,000 artists. The meeting is a regular showcase for national and international production in this area, promoting the encounter between artists in the industry, and is concerned to address the theoretical challenges of the relationship film, visual arts, technology and creativity. One of its flagship activities since its inception is the contest John Downey. Currently open to video and digital arts, is a permanent tribute to Chilean artist considered one of the pioneers of video art and electronic art in the world. Under the rapid changes taking place in technology and with it, the art, culture and society, has been marked by BAM updates, reorientations and name changes. Born as James Video Biennial, then her name changes to Biennial of […]

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Video Brasil, honorable mention for Breezes

In a long shot, the artist walks past the governmental palace La Moneda, the stage for the military coup that ousted and murdered the Chilean president Salvador Allende in 1973. A voiceover evokes memories of the author’s childhood, mixing the terror of the dictatorship with the sense of protection of being in his mother’s arms. Filmed in the opposite direction to the route permitted to visitors, the walker’s defiance becomes a metaphor for the subversive potential of revisiting a political history steeped in crime and lies. By taking back this public space, the artist raises the notion of collectivity as the prerequisite for any city. see more