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Tidal Pulse, part II Screen City Biennial

Tidal Pulse – Part II (2019) at Screen City Biennial, Stavanger. Site-responsive sound performance, wireless headphones Tidal Pulse is a site-responsive sound piece and visual voyage taking place on a local boat, and linking two threatened environments along the Norwegian coastline: Harstad and Stavanger. In Tidal Pulse – Part II, Enrique Ramírez records the underwater noise of oil pumps and the sounds of the boat- the vibrations created by the engine inside and outside the moving vehicle and in the operations room. These sounds compose, in real time, a sound piece that becomes the pulse of this fuel-powered heart, drifting along our increasingly threatened oceans. In this way, Ramírez aims to develop the research initiated in Harstad by focusing on the pressing topics of extraction and deep sea mining in Stavanger. The boat’s pulse intertwines with the voices of local activists, politicians, scientists and workers in the oil industry, reflecting […]


Mar mAr maR at Michel Rein, Paris

« Mar mAr maR is a repetition but also an act of resistance. It symbolizes the world’s resilience. Mar mAr maR is not just the sea, in the literal sense, but you, me, the other, the friend, the stranger, the “other” world which the media are abandoning for lack of interest, it’s the immigrant, the displaced person, the wrecked ship, it’s the silent complaint of the earth when it meets the sea. When I imagine a work, I try to project myself into a place I’m not acquainted with, a place which I would like to enter and be transported through… A place where darkness would help to better see the light of images, that light which is not only there to get us to travel, but which also invites us to share ideas, and ways of thinking, seeing, feeling, and listening… The sea is like a window looking out […]