Cartografías para navegantes de tierra

In this exhibition the artist presents some considerations related to those first trips made by the seafarers: « the first sailors wondered How to discover the world? Why we go away from him?

Then the world seemed unique, the world seemed that it was there…

Some wondered … Where do we take the light? Is the weight of our soul that drowns us in the sea, or are our memories that are floating and the wind takes them?

Further, in the middle of the ocean, where the eyes do not see more than a line where the world ends, the seams of the sails were torn as the zigzag of a sailing and the fabrics shook against the wind seeming to forget them, while they tried to survive.

800 years later, the world already was discovered and to re-imagine it we must learn to dream again… But the world was dark. Those explorers who got stuck between heaven and Earth decided to invent machines to look again and they began to write « Cartographies for earth sailors ».

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