Métaphores d’un horizon

Is a series of photographs portraying two extreme landscapes of Chile: the northern Atacama desert and the southern Patagonia. Each of these remote territories of vastness look so much like themselves that they seem to topologically provoke one to get lost. They are also places of border crossing, of survival and hardship, places of territorial dispute, difficult to control, where the violence of nature can be felt in the nakedness of its exposed territory. The people we see in the images are mostly strangers, passersby, with their backs turned to the camera, in a position of estranged confidence. The horizon is then, according to the artist himself drawing an imaginary line between two very distant points, although in his photographs this is also a point of convergence: the horizon is the same for the camera and the stranger portrayed. The only image where we see two figures facing the camera, pose the question of what exactly can be found beyond this boundary of perspective. Ramirez offers the horizon as a limit with an unknown somewhere else, in itself the vision of remoteness; however also the possibility, the invitation to move further on.

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