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A decade after the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation, was established in Chile a “Mesa de Dialogo”, where Chilean democratic state resumed an active participation in the collective bargaining process of our recent political history.

This “Mesa de Diálogo” had two (relatively) explicit missions. The first one, was to try an understanding in between different interpretations of the history: ¿Was the Military Coup a “rescue” of the chilean society as the Armed Forces like to arise, or a violent destruction of democratic institutional order?.¿Was it a “war against an internal enemy”, justifying the violent action, or rather the institution of a state of terrorism that violated our human rights?.

The second objective, was to obtain information about the fate of the arrested missing people (officially around thousand cases). These disappearances have clouded the national collective imagination. The army took over the brutality of the past: first there was a real admission of guilt, but the most striking in this confession is that the Army insisted on the inevitable disappearance of the bodies. The sentence “thrown into the sea” is written along most of the names that were in the list (list that was incomplete). This is the most recent image that the Army offers to the nation to settle a common vision of the history: the chilean sea the only place that is not one: the Pacific Ocean.

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