Paisaje (Landskap)

Is an audio-visual work based on testimonies of immigrants who describe internal and external landscapes and recollect with emotion their places of geographic origin.

How do we contemplate landscapes when our visual senses are overloaded by a mélange of contemporary city images? What happens to the image of the landscape that we have inside? Is the image permanent or temporary?

The landscape, like most natural representations, is a construct of the imagination influenced by and conforming to memory. On the basis of this lyrical definition this work is generated. Based on an audio-visual registry of hundreds of images of nature caught in Chile and in Northern Europe, the work sets out to capture the mostly rare act of contemplation of a landscape image. How do we see a landscape image, interpret it and understand it? Can we inhabit a landscape through a memory?

Landskap project is also delivered to an interactive Web site that proposes the real time alteration of the original video, using its own archives, with the objective to create new experiences of the work.

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