Pista Central

This proposal was motivated by the interest of a group of residents of Pedro Aguirre Cerda’s neighborhood in Santiago, Chile, in the funk music and culture, and their desire to have a party in Galería Metropolitana. Consequently, the proposed work was a first step of research and audiovisual implementation together with the group of neighbors, and in its final stage in the assembly of a device that exposed this process in the Gallery. The funk, like any other pop culture phenomenon, is an collection of elements that result in the definition of a “style”, a specific type of music, a special attire and appearance, and, by extension, in the definition of a specific subject (a “lifestyle”, an “attitude”, a “way of seeing”, for example). It is, finally, a compound picture, assembled by a variety of looks and desires that intersect. Pista Central consisted of a device that was modeled from two matrices: the dance hall and the circuit.

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